10 reasons why LEGO are amazing for kids

By | 29/09/2015

Made for kids ,build by kids, benefits kids of all ages

Educational toys especially LEGO have been around for more than 50 years.Its influence to the world had been phenomenal.Plastic bricks sets of interlocking colorful brick pieces tat can be put together as building blocks of any kind of structure.This can range from vehicles,building,robots and many more.

In this article, I will try to convince you why educational toys such as LEGO can benefits your kid more than we can imagine Gadget-–free-toddler-fun-activities-at-home-Kids-Playing-Lego-Blocks

  1. Opening new horizons

Children’s mind is like a sponge,ready to absorb anything new to learn & more easier to open for new ideas.Kids curiosity & tenacity to learn new things will nurture their mind for innovation & through this kind of  imaginative play

2. Develop motor skills

During an early age, children playing educational toys will helps their fingers & brain co-ordination to train their muscle.This happens when their little fingers gets the feel of sticking bricks together & assembling together to make a structure.

3. Creativity is born

Imagination is triggered during a child’s play,by using their brain to sort out which blocks can be use & which cannot.They also have the chance to improvise by using different blocks to build their own structures This indirectly encourage creativity in 3 dimensional play with LEGO block & sets.

4. Solving a problem

Give them a task or a theme to build & do not give the whole step by step guide example a car then a bridge to cross it.Provide them the layout of what they need to achieve & let them think of a way to solve the problem.This not only  train their problem solving skills & also the attribute of interested to take on the challenge rather than shy away from it.

5.Growing confidence

Whenever a child completes a structure, give them a praise or a reward (another LEGO set would be awesome).They will certainly feel a sense of achievement.With the simple LEGO system, building a structure is easier for them to achieve to gain their confidence when they continue to build other structures with higher level of difficulties.

6. Educational benefits

Develop & train child’s brain on mathematical concept of fractions & numbers.Learning how much blocks to use to build a structure can teach them to think & calculate.This is made even easier with the colorful blocks & fun to build keeps them interested & encourage them to learn more by playing rather than read or write.

7. Cultivate the 3Ps

Patience : Teach them the art of staying clam & be patience when things goes wrong especially when the blocks doesn’t match or can’t get the blocks from falling apart

Persistence :Keeps them to keep on trying, not giving up easily & trying out other ways

Perseverance : Never give up attitude & know how to deal with setbacks

8. Team work

Have your kids join LEGO clubs or even a pre-school which this kind of programs.Joining a group to build a project will help them learn how to work together.”Kids with autism can be treated as a therapy to build their confidence when working as a team – study in 2006,Daniel B Le Goff & Michael Shenan

9.Learn to be UniQue

Being different than others is a good thing, this them to stand among all people.That’s why by playing can promote an artistry mind in them.Let them create from their own unique way.Give them a bunch of mix blocks pieces & let their mind run free to create !

10 Future talent

You never know whether a child is a future architect,engineer or a scientist.Educational toy & LEGO can strenghten this kind of skill in an early age & reveal talent that have potential for future careers. Eg : Nathan Savage LEGO Artist :The Art of LEGO

Conclusion : Experts are learning too

More & more study had been carried out to further proof that educational toys benefits kids a lot.Experts recognized the extraordinary & often taken for granted so call simple “toys”

From preschool to college , these toys have been adopted as an education syllabus .Save to say that buying LEGO is not just for fun but actually take on the role of the “Silent teacher”









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