Hi My name is Yeap , It’s my dream to play with construction toys
ever since I was a boy.I still remember nagging my parents to buy a LEGO set1456038_10201798276030968_1392980108_n
after I saw STAR WARS for the first time.

Believe it or not, I had dreams of the shape & structures of the space warships especially the STAR DESTROYERS,X-WINGS & TIE FIGHTERS.

I had great fun when building the LEGO STAR WARS set & I’m proudly to say that even I’m 40 years old now,its been my hobby & passion to buy,play & build these awesome sets.

I also found out that kids playing with this kind of toys have many benefits in their development in an early age.When kids build toys, unknowingly they learn creativity & innovation , improve motor skills,trigger problem solving, exercise mathematics & logic and this all happen in an unconventional way of “Educational Play”.

This have been my inspiration to build this website to encourage more people to buy educational toy sets for their kids & also for themselves.

Do checkout this website for more details on the benefits, product reviews & much more…..