How to sort out your LEGO pieces ?

By | 02/12/2015

Learn how to sort out LEGO pieces fast & easy way

Its always troublesome when your kids done playing with those LEGO pieces.cubes-legos

Remember the time you step on one of those pieces ?

It hurts very much. Wouldn’t it be easy to just sort out those pieces at one go & store it in a fast way ?

Well, there’s an easy & fast way to do it, thanks again to LEGO of course


Funny to say that the solution is all in the “HEAD”,

LEGO Sort & Store Head

Introducing LEGO’s storage in a head, that’s right, a plastic head that can sort out all the big pieces to the medium & small pieces

Just follow below simple steps :-

Step 1 :  Open the top cover71JDjc7TUUL._SL1500_

Step 2 : Throw all the LEGO pieces up to 1000 pieces into the head

Step 3 : Close the cover & “SHAKE” it

Step 4 : Open cover & you’ll all the pieces sort out by the sizes perfectly in each tray

Watch below video for quick instruction on how to use it :-

To get this "Head" sorter, just click on below link :-


Other than that , you can also use the BOX4BLOX storage which is basically box version of the “HEAD”

with 4 layers rather than 3 layers & the method is same as using storage “HEAD”4cd476243631ed4a4d355808f514cb49

The best thing is it can store more pieces up to 1600 pieces

Just click below to get this storage “BOX 4X4” from Amazon :-

To learn more about these cool stuff, watch below video for details

Its good to have a storage sorter in the end of the day when finish playing with the LEGO set pieces

Hope above information can help you to sort it out LEGO way



2 thoughts on “How to sort out your LEGO pieces ?

  1. Kit

    Wow, what an organisation! Didn’t know there was such a thing for lego. But what a great idea! I like. This is good info. Regards, Kit

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kit, thanks for visiting, there’s a lot more great stuff from LEGO because the focus on Quality first & Fun the Finest
      Pls feel free to ask for any other info about LEGO & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, thanks


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